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The Bon Gioielli is located near the famous Eternal City “Rome”, where you can breath a warm and familiar atmosphere and is offered the utmost care and attention to all those who visit it, to create pleasant experiences, brilliant memories and unforgettable sensations, designed to last over time as the most loyal customers.


Our History

That of BonGioielli, founded by Silvano Bon and his wife Simonetta in 1964, is a story of passion and tradition linked to their first store in the province of Rome, at Fonte Nuova. The love for the artisan production of original jewellery, creative and able to always convey new fantastic emotions, have led Silvano and Simonetta to become a reference point for the city. Together with their sons Stefano, Vincenza and Francesco, they have made this historic boutique a special, welcoming, elegant and highly professional place. It is with the same spirit and with an eye to the future that the latter proudly carry on the family tradition in the name of modernity and technology. The growth that has taken place over the years has led to the need to expand the exhibition space, with the creation of a cutting-edge laboratory where craftsmanship and technique come together to create a perfect combination of goldsmith’s art and the most modern methods of jewellery processing.

Conflict Free Diamonds





Our well-established, and reputable experts will be able to tell you about a diamond’s history and guarantee that it’s conflict-free. We deals exclusively with suppliers who use environmentally sound, conflict-free mining. Many buyers believe conflict-free must mean the stones are Canadian. Although Canada has a solid putation for diamonds that are mined in an environmentally conscious and conflict-free way, you shouldn’t consider stones from Canada the only diamonds that are conflict-free. Other producers are Russia, Australia, and yes, many African countries. The important thing is that the diamond has documentation all the way from the mine to the Jeweller and we can provide that.



Building the ideal jewel, suitable for every occasion, personalized and of the highest quality, has always been the mission of the Bon family. This is accompanied by the desire to make the customer perceive a unique and engaging shopping experience, guiding him step by step in the jewellery production process with silicone prototypes and computerized rendering thanks to 3D technology, in addition to the customization of the purchase process, even remotely, through the most sophisticated platforms and applications able to transmit perceptions as realistic and accurate as possible regarding the choice of the product. The realization of these activities has been possible only thanks to continuous and constant studies and insights concerning the world of jewellery, and to a gemological knowledge with very high professional training able to transform theory into emotions.


Equipped with the most sophisticated gemological instrumentation, the laboratory is entrusted to the competence and professionalism of the Gemologist Francesco Bon, technical consultant of the Court of Tivoli, expert and expert in precious metals at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and Province with the number 1597.
laboratory carries out the analysis processes according to national (UNI) and international (GIA, IGI, HRD) standards, applying the knowledge developed in the university and collaboration with the most important certification institutes, and offers its customers the right support to orient themselves in the complex gemological world.

The Gemologist

The Gemologist

The gemologist Francesco Bon studied at the Institute of Gemological Research of Rosà, in the province of Padua, where he obtained the professional qualification of “Gemologist Analyst stone stoner of gemmiferous material”. Later he worked at the Credito sul Pegno of the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo agency n°1, where he played the role of estimator. Back in Rome, he passed the exams at the Chamber of Commerce as an expert and expert in the Precious category, and enrolled in the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court of Tivoli, starting a solid and lasting collaboration with the bailiffs of the court.


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