Fine Jewellery Care

Fine jewellery requires care and maintenance, just as all other great objects. As their prongs corrode or bend over time, diamonds may break free. This necessitates the periodic inspection of rings by a jeweller. To remove scratches, polishing is necessary for some metals. But white gold is a metal that occasionally needs to be re-plated to keep its desirable white gold sheen. Fine jewellery produced by Bon Gioielli is of the greatest calibre and is produced to the highest standards. To keep your jewellery shining bright for years to come, it is crucial to treat it with a little extra care.

Here’s how to maintain your jewellery to stop it from deteriorating, becoming dull, or getting scratched.

  • Avoid coming into direct touch with chemicals like body lotion, hair spray, and perfume.
  • Wearing jewellery while bathing, taking a shower, or swimming is not advised.
  • Avoid harsh temperatures, humidity, and direct sunshine.
  • When cleaning, gardening, or exercising, avoid wearing jewellery.
  • Before going to bed, take your jewellery off to prevent any accidents that could result in harm.
  • Separately keep your jewellery somewhere cold and dry.

At least twice a year, you should have your jewellery examined by a jeweller. Identifying loose stones in advance of their falling out or breaking can help.

jewellery maintenance image