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Gemologist, Founder and Owner

With over 25 years of experience

Francesco is the renowned gemmologist of Bon Gioielli. His international reputation is built upon his unique ability to personally assist every client, understand their needs, and propose the most suitable diamond along with the perfect setting. He meticulously oversees every stage of production, ensuring an optimal and high-quality result, which has become the hallmark of his work.


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Founder and Owner

With 20+ years of experience

Stefano is a highly talented jeweler with refined craftsmanship skills and a passion for details. For over twenty years, he has been dedicated to creating unique jewelry, combining tradition and innovation. With a keen eye for contemporary trends and deep knowledge of precious materials, Stefano crafts bespoke pieces that reflect clients’ personalities and desires. Every phase of the process, from the initial design to the finishing touches, is meticulously executed, ensuring an impeccable final result that delights and inspires.

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Webmaster – CAD Expert

with us since 2018

David is a modern artisan, proficient in turning ideas into digital reality. Specializing in creating technical drawings and 3D models, he also produces 360-degree videos and photorealistic renderings, allowing clients to visualize every detail of the project before execution. This advanced visualization enables accurate anticipation of the final result, ensuring a perfect match between the original idea and the finished product, minimizing the margin of error.


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Jewelry Consultant

with us since 1977,

Elena is a true expert in the art of jewelry. With her forty years of experience and deep knowledge of gemstones, she guides clients in selecting jewelry that best suits their style and personality. Her kindness and professionalism create a welcoming and refined atmosphere in the store.

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Jewelry Sales Assistant

with us since 2003

Sara is a dynamic and passionate woman with a unique style and contagious energy. Thanks to her industry experience and creativity, she suggests original and trendy jewelry combinations to clients. With her sincere smile and impeccable expertise, she makes every purchase an exciting and unforgettable experience.


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Jewelry Consultant

with us since 2017

Paola enchants clients with her grace and warm smile. An expert in jewelry consulting, she skillfully understands clients’ deepest desires and advises them with grace and professionalism. With her knowledge of gemstones and precious metals, she turns every encounter into a unique and memorable experience.

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Expert in Jewelry Sales

with us since 2019,

Marina is passionate about jewelry, with a natural talent for sales. With her contagious charisma and in-depth knowledge of the industry, she earns clients’ trust and meets their needs with style and professionalism. Her dedication to beauty and elegance makes every purchase a moment of pure joy.


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Web and Social Media Communication Expert

with us since 2024

Simona is the newest addition to the Bon Gioielli family, bringing a breath of fresh air and creativity. With her dynamic approach to web communication and social media, she is committed to promoting the brand innovatively and engagingly. Her knowledge of digital trends and passion for the world of jewelry make her a valuable addition to the team. With her contagious enthusiasm, Simona is ready to make her mark in the jewelry world with the Bon Gioielli brand.

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