That’s why Bon Gioielli exclusively utilizes 3EX diamonds.

What makes one diamond more beautiful than another is how it reflects and refracts light, especially evident in 3EX diamonds.

The price of diamonds is based on the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. However, while these characteristics define rarity and value, they do not fully capture the visual appearance of a diamond. The true beauty of a diamond is revealed in its ability to reflect light magnificently, creating enchanting BRIGHTNESS, FIRE and SCINTILLATION.Therefore, while the 4Cs are important, appreciating the beauty of a diamond goes beyond these technical measurements.

The color and clarity of a diamond are not scientifically assessed but rather based on the opinion of an expert diamond grader.

To determine a diamond’s color grade, experts carefully observe the areas where color is concentrated by placing the diamond upside down. Color grades range from colorless (D) to yellow (Z). Once mounted and turned table-side up, it is difficult even for an expert to distinguish between an E and an H grade. The F color grade falls between E (almost colorless) and G (almost colorless). It is impossible to discern the color of a diamond in informal settings like restaurants or parties. Purchasing a diamond should be motivated by its intrinsic beauty, not just its color.

The clarity grade of a diamond is often less obvious. It ranges from Flawless to I1, I2, and I3. Among these 10 grades, only the last three can be detected with the naked eye. A microscope is needed to distinguish the diamond in the other 7 grades. While wearing your diamond, you cannot perceive its clarity, but even small differences in this can drastically affect the price.

Although carat weight is important, it should not be the sole determinant. A diamond with superior BRIGHTNESS, FIRE and SCINTILLATION can appear significantly larger than a diamond of the same carat weight. Therefore, while weight is significant, the quality of the visual appearance of the diamond is equally, if not more, crucial.


The BRIGHTNESS, the FIRE and the SCINTILLATION of a diamond represent the pinnacle of its cut perfection. For Bon Gioielli, these elements embody the very essence of diamond beauty, a essence coveted by every woman. The diamond evokes emotions through its BRIGHTNESS, while the soul is expressed through the FIRE colors. Enchantment is manifested in the moving light of the SCINTILLATION,awakening a sensation that every woman holds within herself, but often struggles to express: this is the profound reason for her love of diamonds!