Five Tips for Finding a 1 Carat Natural Diamond in Your Budget

21 June, 2024| 5 Minutes Read

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Five Tips for Finding a 1Carat Natural Diamond in Your Budget: Don’t know how? We’ll help you! We’ll help you!

Size or Beauty? Choose the perfect diamond for you!

Many want the biggest diamond possible, but at what cost? Sacrifice quality and beauty for an extra carat? Fortunately, times have changed!

Today, diamonds uniqueare increasingly appreciated: antique cuts, warm shades, unusual shapes. Stones with character, personality and individuality.

Don’t get us wrong, a D-IF diamond is still valuable, but for many it is inaccessible. People initially only wanted perfect diamonds, while today they want the beauty of nature.

In the Bon Gioielli Team we are always attentive to the latest trends, in Italy lhe average natural diamond engagement ring size is just over half a carat, but more and more people want larger stones.

If you also think that a 1 carat natural diamond is out of your price range, stay with us because we have asked the experts for advice on how to find a beautiful stone without spending a fortune. Let’s begin!

1. Don’t get stuck on the 4Cs

Forget the 4Cs! The true beauty of a diamond lies in its personal charm. Start your search by exploring a wide range of stones and let your instincts guide you. What wins you over? Which diamond goes perfectly with your style and skin?
Many believe they have to choose a specific color and clarity, based solely on the 4Cs, but it often happens that they try diamonds with slightly warmer shades and often fall in love with them.

There are gorgeous SI (slightly included) diamonds with small blemishes on the side, hidden by the setting. These represent great value, with 1-carat rings starting from around €3,000.

The message is clear: don’t let the 4Cs limit you! Find the diamond that reflects your personality and tastes.
Once you have chosen your diamond, don’t forget to request the certificate!

2. Warmer colored diamonds can be beautiful

Some customers love diamonds come on warm colors, like yellow and champagne brown that shine beautifully onyellow or rose gold. The diamonds very white they are not for everyone, it’s a matter oftaste!

High-end designers and jewelers choosewarm whites, shades of yellow and champagne colourfor their creations.

Unique diamonds, with personality and character.

Choose your diamond: classic white orenveloping warmth? The important thing is that it is a jewel that reflects yours style.

3. Prioritize the cut or shape of the diamond

Hide imperfections, enhance beauty!

Brilliant, radiant or princess cut diamonds? All 3 are excellent choices for hiding small inclusions. On the contrary, Asscher emerald cuts, with fewer facets, tend to reveal them more.

An optimal cut not only camouflages defects, but (in addition to shine) sublimates the color of the diamond. Perfection is not necessary to own a gemstone!

4. Ask about the size of the diamond

It’s not all about carat weight: two 1-carat round brilliant-cut diamonds can look very different; one might be flatter and wider, while the other deeper. You can get a 1 carat diamond that actually looks like a 1.50 carat diamond. Cuts with a larger diameter and shallower depth cover a larger portion of the finger and give the illusion of a diamond that is much heavier than reality.

Shoppers looking for diamonds that appear larger should opt for elongated oval, pear, and marquise shapes, which appear larger. However, some people are reluctant to overdo it. “Customers say, ‘I want a substantial size, but not so big that people think it’s lab-grown.

5. Consider antique diamonds

Antique diamonds are not only fascinating, but they also represent an excellent investment Old European and old mine, with their generous facets, tend to appearwhitercompared to modern diamonds of the same color classification.

Don’t let the certified color fool you! An antique diamond rated J, K or I can shine beautifully, especially when set in a yellow gold ring.

Additionally, antique diamonds give off awarmth and romanceunique, irresistible for many.

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Thanks to a bit of creativity and the right advice, you can find the perfect stone for you, without going over your budget. It has never been so simple.

Bon Gioielli: where you can find more than just jewels, useful information for your purchases and a trusted gemologist who looks out for YOUR interests!

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