LVMH Invests in Lusix: Diamond Revolution Lab Grown

15 April, 2024| 5 Minutes Read

LVMH Invests in Lusix:
Revolution of Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Luxury giant LVMH has made a bold move by investing in Israeli start-up Lusix, a pioneer in the lab grown diamond (LGD) sector. This revolutionary movement marks a significant change in the jewellery industry, traditionally dominated by natural diamonds.

LVMH Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault

Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault – LVMH CEO

While the global diamond market is valued at a staggering $84 billion, lab grown diamonds have struggled to gain recognition as a luxury alternative. The Natural Diamond Council has staunchly defended natural diamonds, calling them “inherently precious and rare,” while relegating synthetic diamonds to “low-cost” products.

However, with LVMH entering the game, paradigms are changing LVMH Luxury Ventures announced a $90 million investment in Lusix, recognizing the potential of lab grown diamonds as a new standard of luxury. This investment not only provides significant financial support to Lusix but also lends legitimacy to the sector.
Lusix stands out for its ecological footprint, producing exclusively diamonds powered by 100% solar energy, branded as “Sun Grown Diamonds”. This sustainable approach responds to growing environmental concerns and consumer demand for ethical products.

Lusix’s advanced technology attracted the attention of LVMH. Founded by Benny Landa, known for his achievements in digital printing technology, Lusix is at the forefront of producing high-quality lab grown diamonds.

This investment not only drives growth for Lusix, but has profound implications for the entire industry. With lab grown diamond production estimated at less than $6 billion and expected to grow significantly, LVMH’s entry could further accelerate this trend.

lvmh group

LVMH Group Jewellery Brands

Frédéric Arnault, head of the Tag Heuer brand and son of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, was a key supporter of this move. Tag Heuer has already launched a luxury watch featuring lab grown diamonds, signaling a shift in luxury consumer tastes.

In summary, LVMH’s investment in Lusix represents a turning point in the jewellery industry. With a small carbon footprint and cutting-edge technological innovation, lab grown diamonds are emerging as the new symbol of sustainable, affordable luxury.

lvmh group lusix lab grown diamonds

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