The Fancy Pink Diamond “The Eden Rose”: A Masterpiece Sold for $13 Million

5 July, 2024| 5 Minutes Read

Fancy Pink Diamond

The jewelry world was recently rocked by some stunning news: a stunning natural fancy pink diamond ring, nicknamed “The Eden Rose,” sold for a staggering $13.3 million during Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in New York. This sale not only exceeded all expectations but also surpassed pre-sale estimates of $9-12 million, demonstrating the incredible allure and value of rare colored gemstones.

A Masterpiece of High Jewellery

The Fancy Pink Diamond

“The Eden Rose” is a natural deep pink Type IIA diamond (same grading as Lab Grown diamonds), with a round brilliant cut of 10.20 carats. Its exceptional purity and the absence of secondary tones make it one of a kind. This precious diamond is set on an 18 karat rose and white gold ring, surrounded by a halo of drop-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds, with carats ranging from 0.73 to 3.11, and accompanied by two marquise-cut diamonds of 2.24 and 1.02 carats respectively. A true masterpiece that combines elegance and refinement with unparalleled beauty.

An Amazing Success

The June 11 auction raised a total of $44.4 million, with 90% of the 144 lots sold. Other notable lots included a white and colored diamond pendant that sold for $2.16 million, a 2.28-carat fancy vivid blue diamond that fetched $2.1 million, and a necklace with natural pearls and cultivated and diamonds, sold for $378,000.

Auction Rare Diamond 10.20 Carat Fancy Pink Diamond

Rahul Kadakia, international head of the jewelry division at Christie’s, underlined the enthusiasm of collectors during the auction: “Collectors actively participated in all phases of the sale, paying high prices in particular for rare colored gems and pearls natural.”

The Eden Rose: A Unique Jewel

What sets ‘The Eden Rose’ apart is its stunning pink hue. Unlike many natural pink diamonds that feature secondary hues such as brown, orange or purple, the Eden Rose exhibits the purest shade of pink, without any secondary color. This feature makes it even more valuable and desirable among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

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