What are the main transformations that we are bringing to the Lab Grown Diamonds sector?

5 April, 2024| 5 Minutes Read

What are the main transformations that we are bringing to the Laboratory-Grown Diamond sector?


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Lab Grown Diamonds


For those who share our passion for innovation and are sensitive to change, we offer a wide selection of natural and lab-grown natural. Since 2020, we have steadily expanded our collection of lab grown diamonds, offering our customers the ability to choose without compromise between quality and environmental sustainability.

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Bon Diamond – VicenzaOro January 2020


Grown Up In The Lab: Then And Now

In 2020, we launched our first exclusive line of lab grown diamonds called “Bon Diamond,” distinguishing ourselves as pioneers in the field of lab grown diamonds industry. We have positioned ourselves among the first brands to offer a wide range of these diamonds to our customers. Through training programs focused on the composition, quality and purity of lab grown diamonds, we have also helped spread awareness that they represent an exceptional alternative to natural diamonds.
As a major player in the lab diamond movement, we continue to provide our customers with the best in class and are committed to taking care of our family of customers by continuing to offer the best in the industry.

2024: New site launch, why rely on Bon Gioielli?

It is a revolutionary moment, among the numerous brands that offer natural diamonds and the few that include laboratory diamonds: bongioielli.com is now the main Italian site for the purchase of natural and laboratory diamonds. This platform marks a new chapter in the jewellery industry, embracing an innovative approach and focusing on sustainability as a key theme.
The Bon Gioielli website aims to enhance purchasing experiences through multi-channel digital channels, offering customers the opportunity to interact and purchase products through different platforms, including the website, video calls, social media and phone. Furthermore, the site aims to make these experiences increasingly multi-channel, ensuring that customers can easily switch between sales channels without interrupting their sales experience.
In the multichannel context, consumers can explore and purchase products in a variety of ways, without being limited to a single sales channel. On the other hand, the multichannel experience goes further by synergistically integrating all available sales channels. For example, a customer could start searching for products on the Bon Gioielli website, book an online consultation, and finally finalize the purchase directly in the store. All customer data and preferences would be synchronized between different touchpoints, ensuring a seamless, integrated and unique experience.
Join the Bon family! We put our family of clients first. Our main goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, offering you a personalized experience on every sales channel you prefer. Furthermore, we want to eliminate all your worries by offering you a free consultation with our specialized gemologist.


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The market for lab grown diamonds relentlessly, showing no signs of slowing down. Currently, lab diamonds account for nearly 10% of the global fine jewellery market.
As for the future of lab-grown diamonds, it is evident that they are gaining more and more popularity due to their properties, quality and appearance which makes them indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Their growing popularity is also attributable to their cost-effectiveness and non-mining production method.
It’s clear that lab grown diamonds have established a permanent place in the world of jewelry, promising to revolutionize the industry in a lasting way.
Our commitment to the laboratory diamond sector is continuous and proactive. We constantly work to innovate and evolve the sector, always looking for new ways to make our offer even more responsible and sustainable. Our dedication to the lab diamond industry is constant and proactive; We continually engage in innovation and evolution, always exploring new frontiers through specialized travel to places such as India, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, America and more. Our goal is to constantly improve our offer to make it even more responsible and sustainable.


Join us to continue exploring the future with Bon’s distinctive style: Brilliant, Original, New!

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