Bon Gioielli: Innovation and Commitment for a Better Future

8 April, 2024| 5 Minutes Read

Bon Gioielli: Innovation and Commitment for a Better Future

Bon Gioielli’s participation in the MEDE@ Event: Supporting the fight against gender and social violence.
We are excited to share with you our participation in the event organized by the MEDE@ (Mediating Education to Counter Gender and General Violence) Association in 2022. As a sponsor of the event, we pledged to support this very important cause by creating a unique piece of jewelry that carries the message of hope and solidarity.


diamond shapes lab grown


We brought the MEDE@ logo to life, transforming it into a jewel that captures the essence of their mission… but what is its meaning?

The MEDE@ logo, depicting two arms meeting, symbolizes the idea of solidarity, support and connection. The two arms coming together represent the importance of union and collaboration in the fight against gender and social violence. This symbol conveys the concept of community and unity in fighting together against abuse and discrimination, underlining that it is through mutual support and solidarity that challenges can be overcome and a safer and more inclusive environment can be created for all.



A fundamental question emerges: What is MEDE@ and what is its role?

MEDE@, founded by a group of men aware of the problems related to gender and social violence, is committed to providing support to victims of abuse, harassment, bullying, cyber bullying and stalking, especially women and young people, who often find themselves in a situation of social isolation and shame.

The association not only offers assistance to people involved in these situations, but also promotes a culture of prevention as the only effective way to combat these phenomena. It focuses particularly on education, identifying school as a crucial point for the promotion of values such as respect for the person, the management of aggression without resorting to violence and the acceptance of diversity as an opportunity.

MEDE@ has this dual purpose of supporting women and all those people who suffer abuse.

Our Mission: Promote Change Through Art and Design

At Bon Gioielli, we are dedicated to pushing the limits of a traditional jewellery store. We are much more than a place to buy jewelry; we are a voice for social change, an opportunity to innovate and lead the way towards a better world. The jewel created for MEDE@ not only aims to raise awareness, but also to highlight our belief that art and design can act as powerful tools to take small but significant steps towards a brighter and more inclusive future for all. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the jewel features a lab-grown diamond, an eco-friendly option that promotes a sustainable future for our planet.
Meaningful Encounters: Experiences from the MEDE@ Event
During our participation as a sponsor in the MEDE@ event, we had the privilege of meeting a variety of individuals and groups involved in the fight against gender-based and social violence.
We hope that our contribution can help in promoting greater awareness and encouraging positive change in society.

stefano bon anna fendi medea project
stefano bon anna fendi medea project

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.
At Bon Gioielli, we are committed to offering high quality jewelry and promoting positive changes in our society.

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